Abbett Placer Inn - Breckenridge, Colorado, 80424, United States

The Inn

  • Correct Room Comparison

Guest room comparison and overview.  Sure, we have this info integrated in other areas of the website, but we also wanted it in a clear easy-to-read graph!

  • Hot Tub

Relax in the Jacuzzi after a long day of enjoying the Rocky mountains! Whether you went hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, or even shopping our jacuzzi has jets located to soothe every part of the body!

  • Photo 3

For those who would like to leave the laptop at home....we do have a complimentary mini-business center, or skip business and send out the pics of the glorious mountain scenery!!

T.O.B. - B.O.L.T. License #43814 Summit County Colorado Innkeepers