Abbett Placer Inn - Breckenridge, CO, 80424, United States

The Inn

  • Correct Room Comparison

Guest room comparison and overview.  Sure, we have this info integrated in other areas of the website, but we also wanted it in a clear easy-to-read graph!

  • Hot Tub

Relax in the Jacuzzi after a long day of enjoying the Rocky mountains! Whether you went hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, or even shopping our jacuzzi has jets located to soothe every part of the body!

  • Photo 3

For those who would like to leave the laptop at home....we do have a complimentary mini-business center, or skip business and send out the pics of the glorious mountain scenery!!

  • Front Patio Summer

The Inn has several sitting areas in which to enjoy the tranquility of the mountains.  At any given time there are some sitting areas in the shade and some in the sun.  All of the sitting areas have humming birds that patrol on a regular basis and will check on you and make sure that you are doing okay! Summit County BBB Colorado Innkeepers